Tillbaka till Förarintyg

Archipelago skipper, in English

  • Grunderna i navigation
  • De vanligaste sjövägsreglerna
  • Tips om lämplig utrustning ombord

Med mera...

Learn to navigate in and around the spectacular archipelago of Stockholm.

Course description
You will learn about navigation in theory, how to use a GPS, weather at sea and safety.
We offer the possibility to pass your "Inshore Yachtmaster Diploma", called "Förarintyg" in Swedish. The cost is not included in the price. 450 SEK is to be paid to the examiner. You have to turn 12 years the same year you want to take the Inshore Yachtmaster Diploma "Förarintyg".

Course structure
We have five theoretical meetings and, if you want, even one practical tour on a boat, to an additional cost of 650 SEK.
The course is given in a small group; maximum of 9 students.

Knowledge required
No previous experience is required.

Your teacher
There is something special about all our teachers!
Medborgarskolan offers each semester many interesting courses to its teachers that facilitate their education and work and encourages their personal growth.

Course material
The course material is not included in the price and can be bought directly at the first meeting from your teacher.

Good to know
Medborgarskolan offers a variety of courses that are held in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.
Have a look at our course program to find your new hobby!

Discount at Bokus and Akademibokhandeln:
During the term that you study at Medborgarskolan, you will receive a 5% discount at www.bokus.com; as well as a 10% discount on books, stationary goods and paper at Akademibokhandeln shops.


Öka dina kunskaper inom segling, och skaffa dig ett seglarintyg. Vi har både steg 1- och steg 2-kurser. Läs mer om kurserna här!

Du har tagit ditt Förarintyg och känner att du vill ge dig ut på öppna hav eller kanske åka båt när det är mörkt ute, då ska du ta Kustskepparintyget.

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Bemästra den levande kraften i båten; propellerverkan, rörelse-, sväng-, vind- och vågkrafter, och ta kommandot själv.

Missa inte att vi erbjuder online-kurser i bland annat Förarintyg och Kustskepparintyg.

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