Tillbaka till Gitarr och elbas

Bygga gitarr - här får du grunderna

Lern the basics of guitar building. The workshop consists in a theoretical and practical introduction to the construction of classical and steel string guitars, where the following topics are addressed:

- Construction techniques and different models of guitars
- Tools and machines
- Woods
- Varnishes and waxes

It will take place in the workshop of the luthier, where the participant will have the opportunity to contact with instruments in process of construction and others finished, as well as various types of woods and tools.

The used language will be English and it will have a total duration of 16 hours divided by four
classes. The schedule is agreed by the instructor and the student.

Teacher: Diogo Chavarria Amaro has a degree in Archeology, during his studies he attended conservation and restoration classes. He began learning guitar construction in Viana do Castelo, Portugal with António Coutinho (local Luthier). After one year as an apprentice he attended the Hurdy-gurdy construction course at the Municipal School of Arts and Crafts of Vigo (Spain), with Jaime Rivas as tutor; Organized and attended a course of varnishing with the luthier José Catoira (with workshop in the city of Coruña), visited several classic guitar builders in Portugal and Southern Spain - Andalucia. He attended a year of guitar lessons (jazz / bossa nova) and has participated in different music bands as a guitarist and percussionist. He currently works as a luthier in his own company named "Lupin Guitars", based in the city of Ludvika, Sweden.



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