About Medborgarskolan

Medborgarskolan exists all over Sweden and our courses and cultural activities attract about a million participants every year. Our activities are open for everyone. Our ambition is to stimulate the search for knowledge, to encourage individual creativity and social involvement.

We combine enjoyable learning methods with demands on quality and competence. Our course leaders have top-level qualifications in their subject matter according to our recently conducted survey, as well as for their ability to inspire and to stimulate learning. We are always especially careful when recruiting our leaders and we have high ambitions as far as their further training and development is concerned.

Apart from courses and cultural activities, Medborgarskolan has schools which range from pre-school classes to qualified post-secondary school courses. We also organise an exchange with leading language institutions abroad in several countries as well as professional courses for working life.

A study organisation based on humanistic values

Medborgarskolan is a study organisation with humanistic values. Our humanistic values mean that the individual is the central focus and we take into consideration each individual's needs, preconditions and wishes. We base the development on interaction with others. Ideas and opinions are developed and formed through communication. We believe that the basis for good relations with other people is mutual respect. Humanism involves an understanding of differences of opinion and of other cultures. Medborgarskolan strives to achieve an increased openness for international cooperation and cultural diversity.

Member organisations

Medborgarskolan has a number of centrally affiliated member organisations: Moderata Samlingspartiet, Fria Moderata Studentförbundet, Aktiv Ungdom, Förbundet Aktiva Seniorer and Rojalistiska föreningen.

Medborgarskolan's organisation

Medborgarskolan comprises a total of eight regions. Each region has a regional office and a number of local offices. There are activities conducted at more than 100 locations around the country and more than 8000 course leaders carry out training and teaching in hundreds of different subjects each year. Medborgarskolan's head office is situated in Uppsala.