Our fundamental value system

Medborgarskolan has a humanistic value system. Humanism takes a holistic, body-and-soul approach to the individual and contends that everyone has the ability to assimilate new insights and develop greater maturity.

Humanism has a distinct ethical basic outlook: everything that benefits and strengthens a person´s development is positive; everything that diminishes a person is negative.

It is important to us to integrate our humanistic values into every working day and to be able to convey them to everyone with whom we come into contact. They influence the type of activities we offer, as well as the teaching methods we use.

Our work is inspired by our four core values:

Focus on the individual

Every person is unique. We focus on the individual and we want everyone who comes to us to have the opportunity to develop according to his or her own needs, abilities and preferences.

All people have the freedom and responsibility to influence their own and society´s development.

Interactive development

We believe that people develop best through interaction with others. This is why we want to create meeting places where a process of giving and taking allows everyone to feel involved.

The acquisition of new knowledge, increased self-confidence and social networks provides people with opportunities and strength to shape and influence their own lives.

Mutual respect

We are equally valuable; every person is precious simply because he or she exists. At the same time, we all have a responsibility and obligations towards one another.

Humanism involves human kindness and understanding different points of view and other cultures.

Intrinsic value of knowledge

All knowledge is valuable. Well informed people are an asset to a democratic society and can counteract negative trends and tendencies in the surrounding world.

We believe that all knowledge is equally valuable, whatever the level, intent or focus.