Questions and answers concerning applications

How do apply If I don´t have a swedish personal ID number?

The application form on the website only accepts swedish ID numbers. Please contact your local office and make your application.

Am I guaranteed a place on the course?

No, we cannot guarantee a place until we know whether the course will actually get started. You will have definite confirmation when you receive the invitation/invoice sent to you about 10 days before the course start. For further information see our conditions of purchase.

Cost of materials?

The cost of materials is normally not included in the course fee.

Can I make a part-payment?

Yes, you can have the fee divided into two or three part-payments. When you make your application, enter in the message box that you want to make a part-payment.

What happens if I miss a meeting?

We would like you to inform the course leader that you will not be able to attend that time. We do not return portions of the course fee.

What happens if the leader gets sick?

The course is cancelled for that occasion and is rescheduled for another date. You will never have to lose any course hours.

When does the course fee have to be paid?

You have 30 days in which to pay the invoice.

Must/can I buy the course material (books/art materials) from Medborgarskolan?

In most cases the course material(s) will be available at the course location when you come the first time. In certain cases the material will be paid on the course, although in many cases the cost of the material will be invoiced.

Will there be a continuation of the course?

Most likely a continuation will be arranged, but whether or not it actually takes place depends whether there is a sufficient number of participants and that a course leader is available.

Are there any spare places left?

If the course has started and it does not state that the course is fully subscribed, there may be some places left. Contact your local office for further information.

What happens if Medborgarskolan cancel a course and you have already paid the fee?

Medborgarskolan is entitled to cancel a course or an event if an insufficient number of participants have enrolled. Where a course is cancelled and you have already paid, you are entitled to a reimbursement of the course fee.

Note that other terms may apply to certain courses such as diploma courses, longer courses and examinations. Refer to the respective organizer for specific conditions.