Are you learning Swedish? We can give you help and support! In Medspråk classes you’ll meet native Swedish speakers once a week, get to know each other and talk about everyday life.

What do we do?
During our meetings we’re able to raise any topic you want.
It's a very informal way of learning Swedish and there is no grammar test what so ever. Come as you are and leave with some new friends and a new perspective on the Swedish language and society.

How do we do it?
We'll meet once a week during 1½ hour and generally speak Swedish, using body language when lack of words. Medspråk is politically and religiously neutral. No fee. Come and join us - it’s great fun!

How do I prepare for this course?
Just by convincing yourself that this is a very fun way of learning the Swedish language. Still not convinced? Come pay us a visit and we’ll explain further.

The teacher(s) is native swedes with a burning heart for language, not only Swedish. Often there are two teachers, or Medspråkare as we’re prefer to call them, but some of the times there is only one Medspråkare.

Just so you know
Medspråk is not an education that comes with grades and fancy certificate when done. It's a short course (10 times) with one purpose: to improve your spoken Swedish. And it's no fee at all. So, bring your friend and come to Medspråk.
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Vill du jobba som kursledare/Medspråkare för Medborgarskolan?

Vi söker alltid engagerade kursledare och arbetet med Medspråk är inget undantag. Lär mer om vad det innebär om att leda Medspråkskurser.
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