Are you contemplating a new start in life? Maybe you want to change careers all together or immerse yourself in a hobby or interest that you are dedicated to? Our diploma courses will put you to new challenges. We offer four basic esthetic educations that will help you prepare for higher studies, start a new line of work or spice up your curriculum or portfolio with fresh qualifications.

Medborgarskolan is a modern, contemporary learning centre. Trends, new research and current expertise are central elements of our study programmes. In common for our teachers and course leaders is not only that they are professionally active, but they continuously keep growing and advancing within their respective fields of expertise. Partly to be able to deliver the right knowledge but also to do it in the right way. The way that gives you the most value for your money.

Take a chance on yourself. Take a chance on Medborgarskolan. Maybe this is the year that you decide to realize what you want to do – to become the person you want to be. We warmly welcome you to start your journey with us!




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