Work and live in the West (ALV)

Personer från olika länder

WORK AND LIVE IN THE WEST is a project for you who has a different mother tongue than Swedish and who is looking for a job or an education. The project is carried out in Halmstad and Skövde.

Based on your own individual conditions and needs you will be supported and guided in your aim to approach employment. Your experience from a different culture will be an asset in the Swedish labour market. Through different activities you will receive tools and help to find the right job or education. The project WORK AND LIVE IN THE WEST will be in progress from September 2016 throughout February 2019. You will participate for a period of six months.


  • Mapping of your experiences and competences
  • Study and vocational guidance
  • Swedish language studies, general
  • Swedish language studies, professional
  • Equality
  • Individual guidance
  • Study visits
  • Internship/work practice
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Participating in Medborgarskolan’s courses and workshops

This is how you register

You can either contact us (see below) or your contact person at the Employment Office and say that you would like to participate in the project WORK AND LIVE IN THE WEST at Medborgarskolan.

Want to know more?

Boel Kylefjord
0763-08 74 42 |

Eva Heinrich Longberg
0763-10 53 58 |

The project WORK AND LIVE IN THE WEST is a collaboration between Medborgarskolan, the Employment Office and the Swedish ESF (European Social Fund) Council.

ESF-loggan (med EU-flaggan)The Swedish ESF Council is a public authority under the Ministry of Employment with the task to administer the Integration Fund and the Social Fund in Sweden.The general goal of the Social Fund is ”an increased growth through competence provision and an increased labour supply”. In Sweden the Social Fund supports projects that favours competence development and counteracts exclusion.