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Would you like to get work experience? Would you like to try a new line of work? Do you like to travel? Would you like to get to know a new culture? Would you like to improve your foreign language skills?

Then YOUNG IN EUROPE could be a project for you! The implementation phase of the project starts in the autumn of 2016 and continues throughout the month of October 2018.

YOUNG IN EUROPE is open to you who are between 18 and 30 years of age. Through stimulating och fun activities you will be given tools and contacts to facilitate your search for the right job or education. The project period is 5-7 months, including an internship in a foreign European country.

This is how it works

You will prepare yourself for departure but also for returning home after the internship abroad. That includes getting to know the people you are travelling with and learning more about the country of destination. You will also learn about the labour market and, among other things, about motivation and handling conflicts.

You will beforehand communicate with the receiving organisation and request within which line of business you would prefer to do your internship. The group of people that are travelling together will also share living accomodations och you will be offered to participate in social and cultural activitities in your spare time. You will be supported by your leaders throughout the entire period, on site or from Sweden.

Maybe you will already have made a plan during your preparation phase, however it probably needs an update. What applies to you now? In what line of work would you like to find a job? Is there something you would need or like to study? In other words, it is time to reflect upon the experiences and knowledge you have gathered during your stay abroad and make new goals. All of you, who have completed your internship abroad, will be given a certificate and the possibility to be tested for a Europass.

This is included

If you choose to participate in this project, your travel expenses, insurance and entire stay abroad will be financed for you. It will not cost you anything to partake.

This is how you register

Contact us and we will set up an initial meeting. If you receive financial support you can also talk to your contact person at the Social Service and say that you would like to participate in the project YOUNG IN EUROPE at Medborgarskolan.

Want to know more?

Anna Bjulemar | 0300-69 01 71 |

The project YOUNG IN EUROPE is a collaboration between Medborgarskolan, Kungsbacka Municipality, Varberg Municipality and the Swedish ESF (European Social Fund) Council.

ESF-loggan (med EU-flaggan)The Swedish ESF Council is a public authority under the Ministry of Employment with the task to administer the Integration Fund and the Social Fund in Sweden.The general goal of the Social Fund is ”an increased growth through competence provision and an increased labour supply”. In Sweden the Social Fund supports projects that favours competence development and counteracts exclusion.