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Ballet - Ballet - adult beginners

9 Feb 2022
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Classical ballet is a dance technique that has created the basis for many other dance disciplines. Ballet strengthens the body efficiently and developpes your sense of balance and body awareness. Classical music helps you develop your musicality and allows you to find an individual way of expressing yourself through t

In class you get to learn the foundational steps and positions of ballet.

Through simple but intricate exercises you will learn the positions of arms and legs, the concept of hip rotation and the correct posture.

We will work with exercises that build and develop your coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. At the start you will need some perseverance but soon enough you will find an ease with which to execute the movements, together with artistry and a sense of fun!

In class you will experience a mixture of flexibility and Pilates-like exercises adjusted for the needs of classical dancers.

The very first lesson will consist of simple dance combinations to classical music.

A ballet lesson consists of:

• A warmup

Barre and floor exercises


• Choreography

Throughout the course you will learn the history of classical ballet and its development through time.

At the end of term you will understand and be able to execute the basic principles of ballet, which includes the positions of arms

At the end of term you will understand and be able to execute the basic principles of ballet, which includes the positions of arms and legs. When it comes to the leg positions we will work with 1st, 2nd and 3d position.

At the end of term you will also have learnt a ballet choreography (a variation) which you will be able to execute with ease.

After this course you will have a foundation which enables you to do the next more advanced level of ballet. On a more profound level you will have valuable knowledge of posture and movement in your everyday life.

Who? Are you curious about ballet and have a desire to dance? It’s never too late to begin dancing!

You don’t need to be flexible to dance, The exercises are adapted to your level of strength and flexibility. This is a beginners course and suits people who have never danced before, but also people who have experience in ballet and simply want to refresh their knowledge, repeat it or get back in shape.

Course leader Dina Gordon Has received education from Swedish Ballet School Malmö, and later Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Furthermore, she has danced at The National Ballet School of Canada and The Alvin Ailey Dance School in New York.

There is something special about our course leaders! They receive continuous education on leadership with a focus on adult education from Medborgarskolan. This is part of our quality policy, which includes personal and pedagogical/methodical development.

Good to know Bring comfortable clothes that enables you to move freely. In ballet class we recommend that you wear clothes that gives the teacher a chance to easily see your lines and posture. Tights, leggings, leotards and tight t-shirts work very well.

In terms of footwear, we recommend soft technique shoes (ballet shoes) in leather or fabric. If you do not have these shoes regular socks work well too!

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