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Dark Room Session 3 - black and white photo workshop with Gianluca la Bruna

4 Apr 2023
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1 st
5 800 kr

Om arrangemanget

Dark Room Sessions is a new series of stand-alone workshops, available once a month. Photographer Gianluca la Bruna will guide you through the process of black and white photo developing. All material costs are included in the participant fee! Dark Room Sessions come in 3 levels - 2, 4 or 6 hours.

Dark Room Session 3
6 hours of darkroom workshop - Shooting, Developing and Printing

Tue 11 April kl 17:00-19:00 (Shooting in analogue)
Thu 13 April kl 17:00-21:00 (Developing and printing)

The workshop will be divided into 2 hours for understanding the basics of shooting in analog, plus a shooting session with a film a roll. The following week the film roll will be developed during the 2 hours film roll development session, which includes:

● The basics of how to charge a roll using a spare one from my personal stash
● A tryout development with a couple of my films
● Finally, the development of your roll/rolls.

While the film is drying, we can discuss the printing process, and the remaining 2 hours will be focused on:

● Making some proofing
● Print a contact sheet of your film roll
● Discussing the selection
● Finally, you will have your final A4 print with a quality paper that you can bring home with you
The workshop aim to be an in-depth discussion about the theoretical and technical aspects of shooting in analog, developing and printing in the darkroom.

An introduction to the hazard of the darkroom and all the precautions to be taken will be pitched before the workshop starts.

The participant fee includes all the equipment, including paper, solutions for developing and printing.

Participant fee: 5800:-
(includes all the equipment, including paper, solutions for developing and printing)


Gianluca's photo studio

Monbijougatan 17H, Malmö

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Deltagaravgift: 5 800 kr

Summa: 5 800 kr

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