27 Aug 2024
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It’s not only what you say and how you say it. There’s something more. Are we going to find it out or figure it out?

Course overview
Language learning & Personal development. 
Be prepared to jump on a rollercoaster ride that will arouse your curiosity and stimulate you to question your predefined concepts of how your inner world is vs how it should/ could/ may be. By honing your english language skills and refining the way you clarify your standpoint you can consistently sharpen your grasp of reality along with your self-image. A wide variety of challenging topics will allow you to test your communication skills and provide you with original insights into personal development. 

Level - B2

Course structure
8 lessons (1 lesson: 90min)

Key words 
Creativity, business relations, personal growth

Target group
People eager to refine their english speaking skills in original ways because of professional or personal reasons.

Fairly good english speaking skills, open-mindedness, willingness to question your way of conceptualizing the world

Study material
Your undivided attention, your curiosity and desire to grow as a human being will provide a springboard for unusual and enriching perspectives. Specific material will be given and shown in class.

Course leader

Graziano Geremia, Licensed english teacher

Good to know

• The start of the course may change and that the start date is provisional. Note that you always receive an invitation before the start of the course.

• Read more about partial payment or about our general terms and conditions.

• For questions, concerns or specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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We are delighted to have you join our English course, where language learning becomes an exciting journey!



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