1 Dec 2024
Mån, Ons, Sön
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Per Söderberg
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This coruse goes in english! The course is carried out according to the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations for driver's licenses - snowmobiles, off-road driving law. The theory takes place digitally via zoom.

The course gives you knowledge about the snowmobile's use in traffic and nature, driving on a slant, passing traffic crossings, trail driving, etc. and how to act if you get stuck with your snowmobile. You will receive advice on the care of the scooter and other safety issues.

The course consists of 3 meetings theory, a total of 7 hours and a practice session of 3 hours. The practice session is carried out when there is enough snow according to the Off-Road Driving Act.

Show valid ID at the start of the course, at the practical part and at the time of the test. Compulsory attendance at all parts according to the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations. Written or oral examination is done after completion of the course.

You must be at least 15 years and 9 months old to be able to participate in the practical part. Please note that you must be at least 16 years old and have no barriers registered with the Swedish Transport Agency in order to take the test.

Per Söderberg. Our course leaders are approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Course materials are included in the course fee. 

The theory is carried out digitally via zoom. Date of theory is 1/12, 2/12 and 4/12. at 18-20.30. Register to secure your spot for the fall! Once we have the dates, we will get in touch with you.
Bring an approved helmet as well as warm clothes and shoes for the practical driving. Snowmobiles are not included in the course fee. Two people can share a scooter. We can mediate contacts with local landlords if necessary. If so, let us know. Please note that the cost of snowmobile rental will be added.
Other practical details will be discussed at the start of the course.

Re-examination and extra lesson costs 350:-

If you do not have a complete personal identity number but have a coordination number, please register via email or telephone: camilla.ingvarsson@medborgarskolan.se or 0910-71 31 30. We can also help you, how to apply for the coordination number.

Medborgarskolan reserves the right to postpone the start of the course if there are too few participants. Always wait for information/notice. Remember to read the cancellation policy if you cancel your place.



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