About Medborgarskolan

Medborgarskolan is a study association that offers a broad range of adult education all over Sweden. Focusing on folkbildning, the Swedish term for popular adult education, Medborgarskolan gives people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to develop together with others and to seek new knowledge.

Where interest becomes knowledge

Focusing on popular adult education throughout Sweden, Medborgarskolan gives people the opportunity to develop together with others and to seek new knowledge. We are helping to build the Sweden of tomorrow.

We are a study association with humanistic values, and we give top priority to the will to learn. Everyone is welcome here. Through competent and committed course leaders and inspiring interaction, interest becomes knowledge.

Our history

Back in 1940, a stone was cast into a pond in Gimo, Sweden. This simple act marked the start of a new study association: Medborgarskolan. The ripples that formed in the water became a symbol of how knowledge can be spread from a small group to society in general. Having our activities spread like ripples in the water is just as relevant today – new knowledge generates courage, opportunities and involvement that help develop democracy. Our driving force is a commitment to lifelong learning, and the belief in everyone’s right to popular education.

Popular adult education (folkbildning)

All knowledge helps people to grow. Folkbildning involves learning in the company of others. The actual subject is not so important – it is your desire to develop that matters most. Folkbildning is voluntary and accessible to all. Everyone who takes part should feel that they and their experiences are an integral part of the content of our activities.

What we offer

Courses and culture programmes

Cooking, reading circles, music and languages constitute just a small selection of what we have to offer. With us, you can cultivate your interest in pretty much anything. Our association and our course/circle leaders are extremely attentive, regularly updating our programmes to match current trends, wishes and requirements. You can apply to join one of our existing courses, or form a group and start your own study circle. When you take the initiative to start your own study circle, we assist with planning, materials, facilities and so on.


We offer various types of customized activities and special courses on commission from both the public sector and private businesses. For example, skills development for professionals or various activities for asylum seekers.

Schools and vocational courses

We run a number of preschools, elementary and high schools in all parts of Sweden. In several places, we also work with advanced vocational courses.

Medborgarskolan's organization

Medborgarskolan is an association of eight regional organizations. Each region has a regional office and a number of local offices. We run activities at more than 100 locations around Sweden and almost 8 000 course leaders carry out training and teaching in hundreds of different subjects each year. Medborgarskolan's head office is situated in Uppsala.

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