5 Sep 2024
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Agnès Brosset
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Are you looking to incorporate herbs into your daily routine and learn more how to use herbs? This beginner course guides you how to prepare herbs and make your own herbal preparations. This course will be held in English.


This course is the perfect entry point covering how to harvest, dry, store and create herbal teas, tinctures, herbal oils, etc. 

In order to gain a really good understanding of herb use, it is important to gain
practical experience of working with them. In this course, you will learn the basics of how to harvest, dry and store them to preserve their quality, and get to know the different uses of them and produce a variety of products to take home. The course provides a lot of practical learning, recipes and information on herbs properties, and goes through which preparations are better for which herbs and why.

The course will last over 5 sessions. We will cover:
• Harvesting and drying techniques and methods
• How to create tea blends 
• Tincture and infused honeys 
• Herbal oils
• Salves

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge is required to participate in this course. 

About the course leader

Your course leader, Agnes Brosset, is the founder of Nordiska Örter, Sweden's first herb farm, located in Uppsala. Agnes is also a trained plant ecologist (Ph.D) and educator spreading knowledge around plants and their usages for food, health and handicraft. Homesteader living totally off-grid, she has a broad experience on plant foraging, growing vegetables, and preserving foods.

All our course leaders undergo the Medborgarskolan introductory course and are offered a solid internal education program with the opportunity for continued individual development.

Course material

Most of the material are included, and recipes will be provided. Plan to bring for some sessions small glass jars. We recommend you to also bring a notebook to take notes. If you wish to learn more about herbs during the course, Agnes recommends the following books “Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health” of Rosemary Gladstar or “Gröna apoteket” of Marie-Louise Eklöf.


Participants enroll to the course can get 10% discount of dried herbs at Nordiska Örter.

Development opportunities

To deepen your knowledge on using herbs, Agnes also provides courses on how to create an herbs garden, to have all herbs one needs on hands. Find more information at this link.


The basic idea of ​​folkbildning is that the participants in collaboration with the course leader learn from each other. The work methods are democratic and engaging and the learning is active. The participants seek and build their own knowledge through dialogue, interaction and reflection with each other. Together with the participants the course leader will adapt the content of the course to suit everyone.  

Good to know

  • Do you want to pay the course in installments? You can read more on the following link Köpvillkor/ allmänna villkor för kurs hos Medborgarskolan | Medborgarskolan
  • When you enroll in a course at Medborgarskolan you make a sustainable and environmental choice. We work systematically with environmental improvement measures, and we are environmentally certified according to Svensk Miljöbas since 2016. 







Medborgarskolan Uppsala (Bergsbrunnagatan)

Bergsbrunnagatan 20, Uppsala

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