25 Aug 2024
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Agnès Brosset
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Do you want to learn about herbs cultivation, and create an herb garden? Or get tips on choosing plants useful for home uses as teas, spices, or apothecary? Join the course, as it aims to help you to draw your future herb garden. This course will be held in English.


The course begins with a guided tour of the Nordiska Örter garden to learn how it was planned, and established, and how plants were selected. Then we dive into cultivating herbs: the annuals, biennials, and perennials, what do they need and where should they be planted. Next, we go through each plant, smell and taste them, and learn how to pick the right herbs for creating your herb garden. We finish the course with a practical workshop to your design your own herb garden.

During the course we answer to the following questions:
-How to design the garden?
-Where can I grow herbs? 
-Which are the easiest/hardest to grow? 
-Which herbs are annual, biannual, perennial? 
-What herbs to grow? 
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-How much to grow?

What You'll Take Home

A herb garden plan for your outdoor space or balcony.
A list of plants* to grow.
An estimate of quantities to cultivate to meet your needs.
*Botanical and Swedish names will be given. 

It is possible to buy herbs to bring home after the course. Estimated cost will be 15-140 SEK.


The course will take place at the Nordiska Örter herbs garden situated along a forest road about 30 min from Uppsala. The garden can be reached by bus 809. If you take the bus, Agnes will pick you up at Länna macken and drive you to the herb garden, and drives you back to Länna macken. The exact address will be sent to you following registration. 

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge is required to participate in this course. 

About the course leader

Agnes Brosset is the founder of Nordiska Örter, the first herb farm in Sweden, located in Uppsala. Agnes is also a trained plant ecologist (Ph.D) and educator spreading knowledge around plants and their usages for food, health and handicraft. Homesteader living totally off-grid, she has a broad experience on plant foraging, growing vegetables, and preserving foods.

All our course leaders undergo the Medborgarskolan introductory course and are offered a solid internal education program with the opportunity for continued individual development.

Course material

We recommend you to bring a notebook, paper and pen to draw your garden plan. There will also be a batch of pens and paper to borrow. It is good if you reflect on the place of your garden where you would like to have your herbs.

It is possible to buy herbs to bring home after the course. Estimated cost will be 15-140 SEK.

Development opportunities

If you want to deepen your knowledge on using herbs, Agnes also provides courses on using herbs (Använda läkeörter / Making herbal preparations). Find more information at this link.


The basic idea of ​​folkbildning is that the participants in collaboration with the course leader learn from each other. The work methods are democratic and engaging and the learning is active. The participants seek and build their own knowledge through dialogue, interaction and reflection with each other. Together with the participants the course leader will adapt the content of the course to suit everyone.  

Good to know

  • Do you want to pay the course in installments? You can read more on the following link Köpvillkor/ allmänna villkor för kurs hos Medborgarskolan | Medborgarskolan
  • When you enroll in a course at Medborgarskolan you make a sustainable and environmental choice. We work systematically with environmental improvement measures, and we are environmentally certified according to Svensk Miljöbas since 2016. 







Nordiska Örter herbs garden

Visteby barberg, Uppsala

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