19 Aug 2023
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Agnès Brosset
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Om arrangemanget

The stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) is a well-known plant species which is often considered a weed. It is also a valuable wild plant of which our grandmothers knew all qualities. We welcome you to come and discover what nettles have to offer. This course will be held in English.


Welcome to a wonderful day at foraging, cooking, and crafting with stinging nettles. During this cworkshop, you will gain knowledge of the biology and ecology of nettles, how to use nettles as a garden fertilizer, how it can be used as an essential kitchen ingredient and as well as a fibre for textiles. Among other things, we will prepare a nettle pesto, nettle tea, and then make nettle fibre for string making. After the course you will know how to use different parts of nettles, roots, leaves, stem and seed and we bet that you won't do without nettles!


The course will take place in an old farmhouse near Frötuna called Barberg situated 30min from Uppsala. After being a permanent residence until 1951, Barberg was used as a summer residence until 2022. Then Agnes and her partner decided to purchase the property as permanent residence as it was before, for living an off-grid lifestyle of self-sufficiency. We meet at Barberg at 10:00 a.m. We then walk nearby to harvest nettles and continue the course in the garden. The exact address will be sent to you following registration.

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge is required to participate in this course.

About the course leader

Agnès Brosset is plant ecologist who has always been enthusiastic about sharing her skills and knowledge about plants, and therefore joined the Medborgarskolan. She has been crafting with herbs for 5 years, and is a homesteaders living totally off grid, foraging, growing vegetables, and preserving foods to be more resilient and to reduce her dependency to grocery suppliers. Agnes is also a young entrepreneur, who recently created Nordiska Örter, to raises public awareness of the use of local plants as food and for leisure through courses, and events and starting a small scale organic herbs production.

All our course leaders undergo the Medborgarskolan introductory course and are offered a solid internal education program with the opportunity for continued individual development.


The basic idea of ​​folkbildning is that the participants in collaboration with the course leader learn from each other. The work methods are democratic and engaging and the learning is active. The participants seek and build their own knowledge through dialogue, interaction and reflection with each other. Together with the participants the course leader will adapt the content of the course to suit everyone.  

Good to know

  • Please bring a notebook, a bag and a tool to collect and cut nettles. Come protected against ticks. You can also bring your own drink, and a lunch.

  • Do you want to pay the course in installments? You can read more on the following link Köpvillkor/ allmänna villkor för kurs hos Medborgarskolan | Medborgarskolan

  • When you enroll in a course at Medborgarskolan you make a sustainable and environmental choice. We work systematically with environmental improvement measures, and we are environmentally certified according to Svensk Miljöbas since 2016. 






Medborgarskolan Uppsala (Bergsbrunnagatan)

Bergsbrunnagatan 20, Uppsala

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Deltagaravgift: 795 kr

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